MultiHandy 3020

The MultiHandy 3020 fulfils with its 3 input channels, a rugged housing and a USP port, the basic requirements for mobile data measurement reliably. Calculations in real-time can be made on an additional channel. Therefore you can identify easily the pressure difference (delta-p) and document it with the software. The MultiHand 3025 is identical to the MultiHandy 3020 (link), except its capacitive keypad and its new control panel. This allows a one-hand-operation and accelerates the scrolling on the different keys and lists.

Your benefit at a glance:

  • Flexible: 2 analog measuring inputs, and 1 frequency measuring input
  • Easy to handle: huge keys, illuminated display
  • Suited for field application: rugged aluminium housing
  •  Huge internal memory: For around 1 Million measure values
  • Powerful battery supply: Measuring the whole day without charging
  • Intuitive operations: with capacitive keypad

La tua richiesta di Hydrotechnik

La tua richiesta di Hydrotechnik

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MultiHandy 3020 Firmware

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