MultiHandy 2025

Your mission: Measure precisely complex modern hydraulic system data!
You have the perfect Instrument: The new MultiHandy 2025.

Achieve your target –  measuring success – by stepping into Hydrotechnik’s world of digital measurement technology

  • Easy & fast: connect, measure, read & record: Pressure, Temperature, Flow, RPM etc
  • Flexible & multifunctional: measure most industrial sensor inputs - both analogue and frequency
  • Digital & powerful: measure pressure peaks easily stored and recalled
  • Precise and sustainable: Made to the highest standards to suit your environment
  • Fast & Ready: Fast data transmission for accurate recording & sharing of key events

Il nuovo kit MH2025 disponibile in versioni con due trasduttori di pressione PR109 (509):

2x 400 bar
1x 400 bar, 1x 600 bar
2x 600 bar
1x 60 bar, 1x 600 bar

La tua richiesta di Hydrotechnik

La tua richiesta di Hydrotechnik

MultiHandy 2025 Manuale d’istruzione

Manuale d’istruzione

MultiHandy 2025 Istruzione breve

Istruzione breve

MultiHandy 2025 Firmware

Firmware download