MultiHandy 2025

Your mission: Measure precisely complex modern hydraulic system data!
You have the perfect Instrument: The new MultiHandy 2025.

Achieve your target –  measuring success – by stepping into Hydrotechnik’s world of digital measurement technology

  • Easy & fast: connect, measure, read & record: Pressure, Temperature, Flow, RPM etc
  • Flexible & multifunctional: measure most industrial sensor inputs - both analogue and frequency
  • Digital & powerful: measure pressure peaks easily stored and recalled
  • Precise and sustainable: Made to the highest standards to suit your environment
  • Fast & Ready: Fast data transmission for accurate recording & sharing of key events

Le nouvel appareil MH 2025 sera livré dans un kit adapté à vos besoins, incluant deux capteurs de pression PR109/PR509, selon les variantes suivantes :

2x 400 bar
1x 400 bar, 1x 600 bar
2x 600 bar
1x 60 bar, 1x 600 bar

Votre demande à la Hydrotechnik

Votre demande à la Hydrotechnik

MultiHandy 2025 Mode d’emploi

Mode d’emploi

MultiHandy 2025 Manuel abrégé

Manuel abrégé

MultiHandy 2025 Firmware

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