The HYDROcenter automatically ensures that your device always has the latest version of the Hydrotechnik software & firmware.  There is no need to visit a website to download a certain software version. The installation and update of the firmware on your Hydrotechnik measuring instruments is quick and easy.

The new HYDROcenter can be used for initial setup of the device, as an update tool for firmware updates.

During the initial setup only the HYDROcenter software is needed to put a Hydrotechnik instrument into operation. Within HYDROcenter more software products, firmware and documentation can be downloaded and installed.

As an updating tool, HYDROcenter ensures that all hardware and software products are up to date and keeps the user informed about the newest updates. Each time you exit the software, e.g. HYDROcom6,
HYDROcenter checks whether updates are available and offers the user an installation. Alternatively HYDROcenter updates can be configured manually.

HYDROcenter offers a lot of advantages:

  • Your Hydrotechnik instruments and software products always stay up to date
  • The user is actively notified of the newest software and firmware updates
  • There is no need to constantly search for updates
  • Product documentation can be easily downloaded by HYDROcenter

System requirements:

  • Windows 7
  • Internet connection
  • MH2025, MH3020 up from Firmware 1.1, MS4010, MS5060 and MS5070.

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Your request to Hydrotechnik

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