Gear volume flow sensors HySense® QG

The gear volume flow sensors (HySense® QG) working via the displacement principle.

Gearwheels are set in motion via a medium. With each rotation of the gearwheels, a defined amount of liquid is transferred through the volume flow sensor. The rotation movements of the gearwheels are caught by signal pick-ups and transferred in digital impulses. HySense® QG gear volume flow sensors are available in different measurement ranges from 0,05 until 300,0 l/min.

 Your benefit at a glance:

  • Outstanding measuring accuracy, low error limits
  • High viscosity independance, broad measuring range for each type
  • High medium temperatures and working pressures up to 9137 psi
  • Linearisation in the measuring instrument
  • Detection of flow direction, arbitrary mounting position and connectors
  • Measuring of quantities possible (metering)
  • Viscosity min. 5 mm2/s (cSt)

Inductive rotation speed sensor HySense® RS 210