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Sensor intelligence ISDS (Intelligent Sensor Detection System) functionality

The ISDS functionality developed by Hydrotechnik makes it much easier to operate Hydrotechnik measuring equipment while also improving measurement accuracy. This functionality consists of two main functions:

Automatic sensor detection in the Hydrotechnik measuring device

After a sensor is connected to the measuring device, the corresponding channels (sensor signal, measurement variable, measuring range, etc.) are configured in the measuring device automatically. This means that users do not need to configure the sensors in the device, effectively making the sensors plug-and-play devices, preventing input mistakes, and making life easier for users in general.

Reading linearization in the measuring device

In order to improve performance, the sensor characteristic curve determined during calibration is stored in a table in the sensor. Then, as soon as the sensor is connected to the measuring device, the device reads the table and starts using it to linearize the sensor readings. The result? Significantly higher measuring accuracy.

Smart sensors

The term “smart sensors” refers to sensors that, in contrast to conventional ones, not only measure properties, but also take care of processing the corresponding signal completely and process and interpret their readings based on stored algorithms. These sensors contain a microcontroller with sufficient computing power, and are accordingly also referred to as “intelligent sensors.” All our smart sensors come with our ISDS functionality, but the difference is that the linearization is carried out in the sensor itself rather than externally by the measuring device. The Hydrotechnik portfolio features a large number of smart sensors, such as the HySense® QT 510, RS 510, CX 197, SC 100, etc.

HySense® Q family

The flow meters in the HySense® Q family are the result of decades of experience developing and manufacturing flow meters. Combined with the tools of the trade, such as our in-house DAkkS calibration laboratory, our production operations, etc., this experience enables Hydrotechnik to consistently deliver extraordinarily reliable quality and cost-effectiveness. Both the global move towards renewables and the accompanying concern with energy efficiency have made flow metering absolutely crucial, as it is an indispensable part of development activities, diagnostic work, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance for fluid systems. And as a solution provider in the field, Hydrotechnik has four different product families that cover virtually every application thanks to their versatility and that have specific advantages and characteristics each.

Download Sensor catalogue

Download Sensor catalogue

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