MultiSystem 8050

The MultiSystem 8050 is also an easy to control unit. It has a total of 32 channels (optional 40), clear display, and a large number of measured values that can be presented easily. This makes the MultiSystem 8050 an ideal instrument for measurements at complex systems. Six output channels offer even more possibilities.


Your benefit at a glance:

  • Suitable for complex measurements: Up to 30 channels, optionally 40, shown on one TFT display at the same
  • Clear and user-friendly: Touchscreen display and logical menu structure
  • Live-analysis of the measured data: perfect line charts on the huge monitor
  • Universal possibilities for applications: analog and digital inputs and outputs, diverse interfaces



Your request to Hydrotechnik

Your request to Hydrotechnik

Download MultiSystem 8050 Technical Data Sheet

Download technical data sheet

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MultiSystem 8050 Firmware

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