MultiSystem 4010

The handy mobile MultiSystem 4010 has 12 channels. It allows full diagnosis for average and high complex systems. The MultiSystem 4010 saves measuring channels with a sample rate up to 1 kHz. It is a mobile testbench with open system architecture that can read various signals and measurands. The connection to the pc allows data analysis as well as online-measurements.


Your benefit at a glance:

  • Easy to handle: flexible one-hand-concept, logical menu structure
  • Live-analysis of the measured data: perfect line charts for clear line diagrams
  • Rugged design: impact-proof housing with strong pins/access
  • High flexibility: 12 channels for various measurands

Your request to Hydrotechnik

Your request to Hydrotechnik

Download Measurement Technique Catalog

Download Measurement Technique Catalog

Download MultiSystem 4010 Technical Data Sheet

Download technical data sheet

Download MultiSystem 4010 Operating instructions

Download manual

MultiSystem 4010 Firmware

Firmware download