MultiHandy 3020

The MultiHandy 3020 fulfils with its 3 input channels, a rugged housing and a USP port, the basic requirements for mobile data measurement reliably. Calculations in real-time can be made on an additional channel. Therefore you can identify easily the pressure difference (delta-p) and document it with the software. The MultiHand 3025 is identical to the MultiHandy 3020 (link), except its capacitive keypad and its new control panel. This allows a one-hand-operation and accelerates the scrolling on the different keys and lists.


Your benefit at a glance:

  • Flexible: 2 analog measuring inputs, and 1 frequency measuring input
  • Easy to handle: huge keys, illuminated display
  • Suited for field application: rugged aluminium housing
  •  Huge internal memory: For around 1 Million measure values
  • Powerful battery supply: Measuring the whole day without charging
  • Intuitive operations: with capacitive keypad

Your request to Hydrotechnik

Your request to Hydrotechnik

Download MultiHandy 3020 Technical Data Sheet

Download technical data sheet

Download MultiHandy 3020 Operating instructions

Download manual

MultiHandy 3020 Firmware

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