The company philosophy “Test with confidence” has a long tradition at Hydrotechnik. In 1964, the Minimess®- ball sealing threaded test point and plug-in coupling was invented and proved to be a major advance for pressure measurement on hydraulic systems.

The benefits of this innovative development were vast because up till then, pressure measurements had been mainly carried out with help of fixed mounted pressure gauges and with enormous expenditure. Now, with Hydrotechnik, the use of pressure sensors and pressure gauges could now be carried out quickly, safely and without any interruptions to the plant.

To extend the product portfolio, the first instrument was developed in 1973. Seven years later, in 1980 there should be a change also in the location and so the company moved to Limburg where it is located to this day. As a next step, in 1982 the new sealing technique as a consequent development of the Minimess®- plug-in and threaded test point with ball sealing from the 60’s, the patented leakage-free coupling with soft-sealing was introduced. A cleaner handling and new applications in problematic areas like water protection zones and for the first time also in gas application established Hydrotechnik even further in the market.

In order to offer more innovative products to our customers, new demands in the automation and robotics sector caused the next development. Our aim was to avoid measuring pressure and temperature with separate sensors. Instead, we wanted to use one common Test Point. Hydrotechnik developed the p/T – coupling (p = pressure, t = temperature), which was lengthened and designed to accept a temperature probe which actually gets in contact with the medium. Therefore a perfect heat transmission between the medium and the temperature sensor could be guaranteed.

All sectors of the company have been and are focused, documented and certified on consistent assurance of quality standards according ISO 9001 since November 1996. Since 2009 this certification has been extended to DIN EN ISO 9001-2004 and DIN EN ISO 14001-2008.

2006 Hydrotechnik introduced the first instrument with CAN-bus functionality on the market. Until today the company has a huge in-house production depth. “Made in Germany” Hydrotechnik GmbH develops Hard- and software with its own staff. At prototyping and serial manufacturing it benefits from Hydrotechnik electronics GmbH, a subsidiary located at the same area as the headquarters.

With creating its own subsidiaries in foreign countries, Hydrotechnik decided to focus on the hydraulic markets abroad. Therefore, the Hydrotechnik France SAS was founded in 2002, the Hydrotechnik Italia S.R.L in 2005 as well as the foundations of Hydrotechnik Measurement Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China and Hydrotechnik USA, Inc. in 2012.