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  • Agent 2025 presents the new MultiHandy

    Your mission: Measure precisely complex modern hydraulic system data! You have the perfect Instrument: The new MultiHandy 2025.
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  • Minimess


    The name of the product line, Minimess, comes from the in-house invention, the Minimess® test point. This coupling builds up an interface to a running hydraulic system.
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  • Messgeräte


    For monitoring, controlling, and diagnostics of your pressurized systems, it is necessary to conduct measurements e. g. pressure, temperature or volume flow. The documentation of the measurement data is the foundation for evaluating the measured data.
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  • Messgeräte

    Temperature Sensors

    Temperature is an important measurand especially for exact determination of viscosity and density of the fluid, and therefore the reproducability of measuring results. 
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  • Volume Flow Sensors

    When diagnosing and condition monitoring of systems the measurement of volume flow is very important. To measure the volume flow, Hydrotechnik offers 4 product families to have for every application the right sensor.
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